Let me ask you one simple question:

Are you as creative as you'd like to be?

From: Dan Goodwin, Creativity Coach - CoachCreative.com, ABigCreativeYes.com

Dear Fellow Artist,

Are you as creative as you'd like to be?

Does your creativity flow freely and abundantly?

Or does it seem more like a constant struggle, littered with frustrations and roadblocks that often leave you on the brink of giving up creating altogether?

The fact that you're here suggests you're looking for ways to help you be more creative.

Ways to (re)discover those talents, abilities and feelings you know you have deep within you.

To experience again those feelings of joy and fulfilment and being lost in a beautiful world of your own making that only creating what you love creating can give you.

We're all creative artists.

Creativity and self-expression are fundamental elements of what makes us human.

The benefits of expressing ourselves regularly in creative ways - whether we choose to share our creations with the rest of the world or not - are vast.

To suppress these needs is unnatural and unhealthy and inevitably leads to frustration, anger, even depression. Which adversely affects not only you, but the people close to you.

It's not a good situation for anyone.

But just creating isn't always that easy.

Whatever we create, whatever our age, gender, background, or aspirations for our creativity, there are common areas we nearly all struggle with (or have struggled with) at some point.

We can narrow these down to ten reasons, or ten main areas of creativity.

Focusing on these areas, and drawing on my experience as a Creativity Coach, I've developed

The Ten Empowering Principles of Abundant Creativity

to help you take the first steps to becoming the creative person you know you can be.

In the Ten EPs, we look at these ten areas one by one, how we most often struggle with each of them, and how to move past those blocks and get creating again.

Here are the chapter headings:

Some I'm sure you'll instantly be familiar with, like procrastination (doing one thing as a way of avoiding doing something else), a negative internal voice (or Inner Critic), and having difficulty choosing, focusing on and finishing projects.

Others may be less familiar to you, but may be even more relevant to you, as often the biggest enemies to our creativity are the ones that sabotage us without us even realising.

(We forget that, ironically, we apply our creativity and inventiveness to all the ways we sabotage ourselves too!)

The greater your awareness of the creatvity pitfalls you're most susceptible to - and the more tools and techniques you have to overcome them - the less often you'll come across these roadblocks.

And the sooner you'll move past them when they do arrive.

Finally, there's the Eleventh Principle, which, if you ignore - even if you're following all of the other ten - will mean you don't create anywhere near your potential.

If you manage to create anything at all.

"I loved the book. The chapter in procrastination was something I related very well to. It was also informative. The one statement on how we are tricked into thinking we are doing important and urgent stuff instead of creating made so much sense to me.

I tend to bury myself in never ending chores instead of creating because it has been programmed into my head since childhood. But now when the urge strikes, I recognize it for what it is.

I found the chapter on celebrating achievements something I really needed.

My college years studying art left me feeling underdeveloped and lacking confidence. I tend to forget all the wonderful things I've created during my life.

So to take a personal inventory of my skill sets and how I've utilized them and to see the actual physical product reminds me that I am worthy to create and my old teachers who told me I'd never achieve anything were dunderheads.

I highlighted the heck out of your book and tabbed pages to return to. I'm heading back to my art in baby steps.

Thank you kindly. I look forward to more great advice from you."

- Marianne, USA.

Because I believe, and know, the content of this book can help you be more creative in all kinds of ways, I want to make it available to as many people as possible.

Which is why the The Ten EPs book is yours free.

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Thanks for reading, see you inside the book!

Best wishes and happy creating!

Dan Goodwin

Creativity Coach

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