The Remarkable Magical Powers Of Creating Every Day

Creating every day is, I believe, the central core to living a fulfilling creative life.

For those of us who create – and in that I include everyone with a pulse – creating is not an optional extra. It’s essential to our lives, our health, our happiness, as essential as eating, breathing and sleeping.

If we don’t create, we slowly die moment by moment.

Without creating we cannot hope to live the best possible life we can. We can’t expect to live much of a life at all.

So, in case you needed some encouragement and convincing of the remarkable magic powers of creating every day, here are just five:

image: iheartlinen

1. Ideas flow more freely. When you create every day, the ideas within you feel welcomed. They have a way to be noticed, a channel through which to be expressed. If you create only once a week or once a month, all those good ideas in between get neglected and turned away, like under age teens trying to sneak in a night club. Create every day and you turn your nightclub into an all day party that all the cool kids, er, I mean all the best ideas, want to come to.

2. You lessen the need for everything to be perfect. If you only create one new project a month, then there’s great pressure for it to be good. Get stuck or disappointed in two or three projects in succession, and you start saying to yourself “it’s been MONTHS since I creating anything worthwhile”. But create every day, and those inevitable few ideas that don’t work out, can be brushed aside, because tomorrow you’ll start again with something new, without a month’s worth of despair and beating yourself up in between!

3. You give yourself permission to be creative all the time.
The more often you create, the more permission you give yourself to be creative. Ultimately we all have the choice in our lives how creative we are going to be. If you prevent yourself from having regular opportunities for creative expression, then you’re sending the message to yourself that creating isn’t that important, it’s not something you welcome or want. What kind of basis is that for being able to freely create?

4. You procrastinate far less. Create every day and you get used to starting these creative sessions quickly and easily, they become a routine, a habit, and you begin before you’ve had a chance to procrastinate. The less often you create, the harder it becomes to get started, and the more excuses and “urgent” tasks that have to be done before you create start to stack up. “Maybe I’ll create tomorrow” soon becomes next week, next month and so on. Create each day and keep yourself in an effortless natural flow.

5. Creativity becomes a natural way of life. You create without thinking, like breathing. You don’t sit down at your desk and say “right, I’m going to create REALLY hard for half an hour, then stop.” Because you’re already creating, your creative mind is so used to flowing freely that it ticks over in the background the whole time. It becomes not a question of if you’re being creative but how creative you’re being. Creativity becomes not an activity but a state of mind, a state of being, a state of continual doing.

Creating every day can begin with a small commitment, say 15 minutes. It’s far more valuable to start small, and embed that habit in your day and your thinking, then you can expand into 30 minutes, an hour and beyond.

Start today, set aside 15 minutes, make a appointment with your creativity and write it down.

Then do the same tomorrow. Within a few weeks you’ll be experiencing ALL of the above benefits and more.

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