The New Normal

Sometimes, events in our lives change our course dramatically and unexpectedly. Tragedy, illness and death force us to try to readjust and continue. Somehow, day by day, pieces fall in place, and we find a new normal. But it needn’t be something sad or unpredicted that prompts this change. Any day of our lives we can take a small positive step towards a better, brighter path. Forming a new habit – or replacing an old […] Read more »

How To Create Amazing Somethings From Virtually Nothing

A common belief amongst artists is that we don’t create enough. Combine this with another often closely held belief that, unless we can dedicate hours or days at a time to creating, we’ll not be able to make any worthwhile art, and we have a recipe for a miserable and frustrated artist. Fortunately, both of these beliefs are often exaggerated far from the reality. We just need someone else to help us see this. We […] Read more »

Why Your New Resolutions Are Already Failing (And What To Do Instead)

Becomes really tiresome doesn’t it? That pattern of entering a new year with so much promise, so many plans for change, so much expectation… Then a week in realising that we’re pretty much exactly the same people doing exactly the same things we were doing a month ago. And feeling as despondent and deflated as a limp birthday balloon flapping about on a gate post a fortnight after the party’s over. The idea behind setting new […] Read more »

Embracing The Experiments

As creative beings, everything we do involves changing what already exists. Nothing stays the same, and every moment is an experiment. Embrace these experiments. If we gather up the same tools, materials, thoughts and surroundings as we did a month ago, six months ago, a year ago, and sit down to make again, it will still be a new experiment. There’s no guarantee we’ll be able to create exactly as we did before, even though […] Read more »

To The Dreamers, The Makers, And You

We need the dreamers. Those who let their imaginations tumble open the width of the horizon and the depth of the ocean’s abyss. We need the makers. Those who gather up handfuls of raw materials and tease and fuse them into objects that didn’t exist before. But most of all we need the artists. Those who dream, then make. Then make some more, then dream. Where are you sat? Dreamer? Maker? Artist? The fact that […] Read more »

How To Rise And Recover From A Crash In Creativity

Whatever and however we create, all of us at times experience a lull in our creative inspiration and output. It’s a natural and inevitable part of our creative cycles. But when a fleeting dip starts to feel like a bottomless, endless trough, and you start to think of yourself only as a person who used to be an artist, it’s time to find a way out. Here are three simple and usable techniques to recover from […] Read more »

How To Become Happier

Everyone wants to be happy. But it can be difficult to even define what happy is. So we end up wondering how we can possibly find our way to a place we have no idea of the location of. Much easier to define is happier, relative to what you already know. You can compare two situations, two activities, two relationships, two experiences, two meals, and so on, and say which you were happier with. Then […] Read more »